Ernst Pins by King are the most consistent pins you can buy!

Load Variation

Study performed on 10 Pins from each manufacturer on a testing machine calibrated and certified to a National Standard. Note the tighter tolerance of the Ernst by King Pins!

Ernst Pins by King Competitor Pins
(.87%) (2.55%)

"Ernst Pin" Tester by King (A & B)

The Ernst by King Pin series is a handheld Brinell tester which allows the user to test anywhere on a test piece. The Ernst by King Tester A uses shear pins in combination with a C clamp allowing for a more controlled load, while the key feature of the Ernst by King Tester B is the ability to reach areas where bench testers cannot by use of a hammer. This allows testing to be done anywhere in the field by just the strike of a hammer with results comparable to standard bench testers. 

The Pin Brinell  is widely used for economical Brinell hardness measurement. This inexpensive tester can be used across the  Brinell range (HB100 to HB700). The Ernst by King Pin tester applies force to the indenter when the operator strikes the holding device with a hammer and the force is controlled using a calibrated shear pin. When the hammer strikes the holder the force reaches the shear pin’s limit and the shear pin breaks. The diameter of the resulting indentation can then be read using a handheld Antares, KingScope or an automatic EBrio or KingScan.

Pins of various of load accuracy are available.

"Ernst by King Pins"

  • National Standard: Individually marked & fully traceable to national standard (<0.5%) ,bags of 100 pins

  • High Precision: High precision (<0.5% ) ,bags of 100 pins

  • Standard: Standard (<1%) ,bags of 250 pins

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