E-Z Rock 1

The E-Z Rock 1 measures the most hard to reach spots such as gear roots, inside diameters, and deep cavities.

The metal hardness is quantified with a diamond indenter and electrical resistance in real time. This type of measuring is ideal for any company with a need for instantaneous heat treatment evaluation.

A 3x1 inch LCD screen clearly displays the scale readings of up to seven scales: HV, HRA, HRB, HRC, HRF, HB30, and ZNmm².

A variety of bases come standard to simplify testing on flat or round surfaces.

E-Z Rock 2

The E-Z Rock 2 is the bench model of the E-Z Rock 1, incorporating the same testing methods of electrical resistivity to determine metal hardness .

Advanced electronics increase accuracy and reliability of test measurements, while displaying results on a larger 7x5 inch touch screen to enhance user friendliness.

The stand provides additional support when testing uneven or oddly shaped parts such as a gear root (See above).

The E-Z Rock 2 is ideal for testing items with small surface areas, inside tight cavities, or on curved / thin test pieces.

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  • Extreme accessibility

  • Ernst patented electrical resistivity test method

  • Extension available for testing depths up to 50mm.

  • Nearly unlimited test area access

  • Perfect for small or tight spaces

  • Designed with optimum electronics for easy to read measurements


E-Z Rock 1 Technical Data