Repair Services

If you require any repair or service 

Please complete the below contact form.

Make sure to list a Contact Name and Phone Number so we can get hold of you. If possible, please provide relevant serial numbers.

Print this page and include it with the unit when you send it to us.

Mail your product(s) needing service to our offices at:

King Tester Corporation

308 Schell Lane

Phoenixville, PA 19460


1. If you require any loaner equipment while your product is being serviced, please reference what you need in your request.

2. Reuse of the packaging you use to send repairs to us is at our sole discretion. We will not be responsible for the return of your packaging materials unless we deem it advisable to reuse them.

Repair Service
Repair Policy
  1. We will not provide a cost estimate without evaluating the unit first.

  2. No work is done on any unit until we receive approval and a purchase order. If the unit cannot be repaired, or you choose not to repair it and you do not replace it with a new unit, you will be charged a fixed service fee of $125.00* plus any S&H for evaluating the unit.

  3. Please note that when units are repaired they will also be calibrated and certified. No repaired units may leave King Tester Corporation without being calibrated. The price for this service will be included in the estimate.

If you have any questions regarding our Repair Policy, please call our office at 610-279-6010.

* Subject to change