Portable Brinell Tester

The King Portable Brinell Tester is the most reliable, user-friendly and affordable portable Brinell tester and the ONLY portable Brinell tester on the market that is Directly Verifiable.

King_Tester Brinell Hardness Tester Portable Brinell Tester

King Portable Brinell Testers

King Portable Brinell Tester is versatile enough to test virtually any size and shape of metal specimen, these testers are easy to use. The operator simply places the specimen between the anvil and the test head, cranks the test head down onto the specimen, locking the tester in place, closes the pressure release valve, and pulls the hydraulic lever until desired load is reached.

The tester applies up to a 3,000 kg load on a 10mm ball, making a lasting impression, which is available for re-reading at any time. A bypass valve is automatically activated at the calibrated load, eliminating the chance of overloading. The impression is then read and recorded by the operator using either a KingScope or the KingScan IV automatic Brinell microscope. With the ability to mix and match bases and heads, a variety of microscopes, and accessoriesthe King Portable Brinell Tester is also completely customizable to fit your testing and reading needs (read more).


Heads offered by King Tester allow you to test low pressure (1000 kgf) or standard pressure (3000 kgf) and different variations to reach tight spaces if necessary (read more).

King Tester Brinell Metal Hardness Tester Brinell Tester Base c6 3


Bases offered by King Tester are diverse and allow testing of your tallest and widest pieces (read more).

Chain Adapter

Chain Adapter

Chain Adapter gives you the flexibility to apply a full 3000 kgf load anywhere to pieces no matter the size of the diameter. The chain adapter comes with four feet of chain with the option to add even more (read more).


Accessories allow you to customize your King Portable Brinell Tester to find your specific testing needs (read more).

King Pins

King Pins provide the most accurate Brinell Pins for handheld hammer type testers. Standard pins have 250 pins in each package and are precision-manufactured to tolerances of <1% (read more).

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