King Tester offers a variety of handheld microscopes and automatic readers to fit your every need. Our product microscopes offer the most affordable accuracy for your Daily Verification and test pieces.


KingScope is the most versatile microscope on the market today. Featuring a 20X pre-focused lens, the KingScope has a narrow nosepiece that easily fits into tight recesses, resulting in less grinding on castings, billets and dies. For added stability when performing flat work, a slip-on base adapter is included. A side pen flashlight attachment ideal for testing in all conditions. Meets ASTM E-10 standards (read more).

King Tester Brinell Tester Rockwell Tester Metal Hardness Tester Kingscope100

KingScope 100

KingScope 100 is King’s newest product and provides .01mm accuracy in a tough easy to use handheld device.  Its large base makes it a steady and reliable measuring tool (read more).

KingScan IVe

KingScan IVe is an automatic reader features a high-resolution software to allow reading measurements easy as the click of a button! The KingScan IVe software automatically reads the indenter impression to within .01mm accuracy. All data can be installed, recorded, and saved to a desktop, laptop, or tablet. All KingScan IVe software is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 (read more).

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