General Maintenance

King Tester Brinell Metal Hardness Tester Service and Repair
  • In order to prevent undue wear on the elevating screws and gears, it is important to keep the base free from dirt and grit. It is recommended that the base be cleaned with alcohol or other cleaning fluid regularly and sufficient oil be applied to the elevating screws to provide lubrication.
  • When making tests, always be sure that the ball retainer is tight. This will prevent damage to the machine and insure accurate tests. The 10 mm ball should be replaced from time to time as wear occurs. To replace the ball, unscrew retainer and insert new ball.
  • It is very important that the ram be pushed back as far as it will go before making a test. This may require considerable pressure on the crank, especially with a new machine. It is equally important to make sure that the ram does not get pumped down at any time more than 1/4″. If the ram is pumped down further, air may enter the hydraulic system and the test head will no longer be calibrated correctly.
  • We recommend the segment packing nut and the ram packing nut be tightened occasionally to compensate for wear.
  • Air in the hydraulic system can be removed as explained in Directions for Changing Oil. Direction for Changing Oil can be found under the FAQ tab.
  • On older machines, examine the test head periodically for oil leakage around moving parts, packing nuts and set screws. If excessive oil leakage is apparent, it is usually necessary to replace packing and to change the hydraulic oil.
  • When servicing or repairing the test head, we recommend all severely worn parts be replaced with new parts.
  • It is important that all nuts with worn threads or slots be discarded and replaced in order to facilitate reassembly and to minimize further repairs.
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